Gers: Diaty Diallo presented his first novel about police violence in Auch

Gers: Diaty Diallo presented his first novel about police violence in Auch

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Author Diaty Diallo was last night at Auscitaine’s bookstore Les Petits Papiers to present her first novel, “Two Seconds of Burning Air.” A book dealing with the sensitive topic of police violence.

Diaty Diallo visited Les Petits Papiers bookstore on Thursday evening. In front of an audience of about twenty people, among whom were other authors, the young writer from the Paris region presented her first novel. Entitled “Two seconds of burning air” (Éditions du Seuil), published on August 19, it deals with the sensitive topic of police violence without any bypass. “It is a book that focuses on telling the ordinary life of a group of friends who share evenings, anecdotes, but also, unfortunately, a very traumatic experience of police harassment. A scourge they live with every day and which will one day kill one of them… This is a book that, based on this tragic fact, will raise the question of what are the means to resist and survive violence”, explains Diaty Diallo.

“It was very touching for me”

A fictional story that did not fail to draw praise from readers, who had already had the opportunity to read the book, gathered on the floor of the bookstore in Dessoles Street, to the greatest satisfaction of the author. Especially since the latter really wanted to come and meet them. “This summer, Pascal, the bookseller of Petits Papiers, posted a video on Instagram in which he presented his favorites, the first of which was my book. At the end of the video he says: Diaty Diallo if you have seen this video, we would love to have you. It was very moving for me, and since I was also invited to a bookstore in Toulouse, I made a detour through Gers and Auch,” reveals Diaty Diallo, who gave in to the question/answer game with a smile. with his Austin “fans” after the presentation of his novel.

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