Gers: Laëtitia Milot meets her fans in Auch

Gers: Laëtitia Milot meets her fans in Auch

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Actress and writer Laëticia Milot met her Gers fans in Auch, to present her latest book, “Sélia”. An opportunity for the former “Plus belle la vie” actress to talk about a topic close to her heart.

Some lined up this Saturday at 10am to see Laëtitia Milot at the Espace Culturel Leclerc in Auch. When the actress arrived in the early afternoon, the line stretched to the mall’s door.

The actress, especially known for her role as Mélanie Rinato in the soap opera “Plus belle la vie” between 2004 and 2018, came to present her new novel “Sélia”. “This is my first psychological thriller, specifies Laëtitia Milot. It is very difficult to summarize a thriller. But if we are looking for the spirit of a thriller, where we struggle in 1000 directions and are surprised by the outcome, I think it does the job.”

Laëtitia Milot indulged in a photo game with fans who came to meet her.

Laëtitia Milot indulged in a photo game with fans who came to meet her.

As usual, the novelist in this book evokes a theme that is dear to her. “In this thriller, I deal with a difficult childhood and mental illness. These are two current and very powerful topics.” So he stays in line with his first two novels, “We’ll Meet Again,” a thriller that deals with violence against women, and “Connected for Life,” a “social drama about disability, riding, a story of ‘love a little out of the ordinary'” that was adapted by TF1 into a TV movie.

“Put a topic that touches me, even in a thriller”

“It’s always important for me to put, even in a thriller, a topic that I want to go to and that touches me.” The author has also published books of testimonies, especially about endometriosis, for which she speaks with the Endofrance association.

“I followed ‘Plus belle la vie’. She hasn’t changed, she’s super cute!” exclaims Nathalie, who has just taken lots of photos with her smartphone. The audience warmly welcomed him, with many bouquets of flowers. “People are super hospitable and caring. I love this relationship with the public, that’s important,” says the actress behind a wide smile and a piercing gaze.

“Sélia” by Laëtitie Milot, Plon.

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