Ghost says “Jesus is coming”

Ghost says “Jesus is coming”

After an absolutely memorable 2022, Ghost shows no signs of letting up.

Now, the group is teasing their potential next activities, as noticed by some people on Reddit.

As you can see below, a new Papa Emeritus IV billboard has popped up in Hollywood, USA, and this intriguing ad simply promises that “Jesus is coming.”

In recent months, band mastermind Tobias Forge has spoken cryptically about his plans for Ghost’s future following the huge success of the album Impera.

Earlier this year, he told Metal Hammer that the band was going to be particularly active live-wise and that there was going to be “a bit of a change” : “We are going to travel everywhere this year. There will be a European tour, an American tour […] there will be a little something in Southeast Asia […] in Oceania, and there could be something south of Panama, as well as north of Panama. It promises to be solid.”

He added cryptically: “We’re going to make a bit of a change before that – good change. We’re not going to lay low. Some things are public, some are not, but there are a lot of things that are brewing right now.”

These comments seem to echo what he said in november about the next ghost album which he hopes is quite different from Impera.

Additionally, Ghost will give eight shows in France in May 2023, together with spirit box.

Reddit post:

New ghost image on side of building in Hollywood California. from ghostbc

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