Gil Alma talks about his painful separation from Aminata after fifteen years of love

Gil Alma talks about his painful separation from Aminata after fifteen years of love

Gil Alma never hid that the separation from the mother of his children, Aminata, was one of the most difficult phases of his life. In the columns of Telestarhe looks back on this very difficult period when he was yet to go on stage.

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In August 2021. Gil Alma and his wife Aminata made an unexpected statement. The couple announced their divorce after years of love:”After 15 years, our story with Aminato ends“, he posted on Instagram. A shock for their fans who saw them welcoming them two children together, Sacha (14 years old) and Charlie (11 years old). Very transparent on this break, the actor known thanks to the comedy series Our dear neighbors explained that he livedthree dark months” : “It takes courage to dare, to admit the whole truth, so terrible“, he specified.

Despite the divorce, Gil Alma still believes in love”with a capital A

The returning actor series Caesar Wagner this Friday, January 6, 2023 on France 2 tried everything to quickly recover from this painful divorce. And the scene was especially successful”drug” : “I am doing a comedy show in which I get married and I feel it’s a sign. I’m a big believer in signs. My divorce is not a defeat in itself. These are two paths that diverge, i love remains possible“, she confided Both of you the one who still believes in love”with a capital A“. Through the performance – one of which was marked by an embarrassing clothing problem -, the public could, without even knowing it, provide him with the necessary support.

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His divorce, a very complicated period: “I cried when I left the stage

However, what viewers don’t know is that when Gil Alma returned to his dressing room, he found himself alone with his grief:In the beginning, I was in a full break and I was crying as I left the stagethe actor revealed to our colleagues from Telestar. Feelings he didn’t want to hide for two reasons: “I talked a lot about my ex-wife in my solo shows and that suddenly we could feel like we were still together“, he explains before adding: “I play a show about marriage (Gil and Ben RéUnis, editor’s note).

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