Gims challenged by Booba? The exit of Blanco Nemesis becomes clearer

Gims challenged by Booba? The exit of Blanco Nemesis becomes clearer


Gims challenged by Booba?  The exit of Blanco Nemesis becomes clearer

While Gims will be back in stores on December 2 with “The Last Will of Mozart”, the release of a new Booba album is becoming clearer for a few days. The former member of the Lunatic group has just sown several clues confirming this hypothesis and he could well present a surprise project the same day as his rival to compete with him in order to compare sales figures.

Booba displays the visual of Blanco Nemesis!

On December 4, 2015, Booba had challenged Rohff with his album “Nero Nemesis” by deciding to release his project the same day as the opus “Le Rohff Game” in order to harm his promotion and to make a comparison between the figures sales of each of the opuses. B2O had beaten Housni in this head to head with 35,138 sales in the first week against 20,582 sales for its rival. For several years, DUC fans have been hoping for the release of a sequel to this album with “white nemesis” but even though the rumor was revived several times this exit did not materialize.

Three weeks ago, the rumor resurfaced following a Twitter post that ended up in the Top Trends while the next release of Gims’ album may push him to repeat this marketing stunt from 2015. has grouped extracts from Booba’s unreleased tracks that have never been officially posted on streaming platforms with a total of 12 tracks partially revealed by Kopp on its networks. This updated the theory of the preparation of a project named Blanco Nemesis, it was in 2019 on a photo of his computer screen that the 92i rapper had revealed the name of a mysterious project but whose he gave no information.

Gims in competition with B2O?

Despite speculation, Booba has never commented on this rumor and after the release of Ultra, he assured that he no longer wanted to release any album but still remains very productive by multiplying collaborations and solo singles in recent months. . Since the beginning of the week, this theory has obtained even more credibility because B2O has changed its profile picture on Twitter by displaying a visual resembling that of the Nero Nemesis album before adding in an Instagram story the cover expected for White Nemesis.

The track of an upcoming release of this album is therefore more and more likely and Booba could well try to create a buzz by unveiling this surprise project on December 2 in order to challenge Gims with his new opus. Recently, the DUC did not fail to compare the sales ranking of his latest single “KOA” with that of Meugui, “Now”..

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