Giuseppa Ciurleo: At worst, the mother-to-be spends the New Year in her bed!

Giuseppa Ciurleo: At worst, the mother-to-be spends the New Year in her bed!

By Marie Hervichon

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A hard blow for Giuseppa Ciurleo, a few days before the New Year, a nasty virus has decided to invite itself to the party!

A few days ago, Giuseppa Ciurleo let his community know that with Paga they will spend a quiet evening together for New Year’s Eve. “We booked a hotel because well, I’m pregnant, I don’t really want to party. So I told Paga that if he had a party, I was planning to do something with one of my girlfriends. Finally, he had nothing planned until two more days ago so we said to each other as long as we could, we might as well do it together as a couple”she confided. Finally, the new year of the young woman recently admitted to the emergency room will have been even quieter than announced.

Giuseppa is sick

In his Instagram story of Saturday December 31, joseph finally spoke on his social networks after two days of absence following his little visit to the hospital. “First of all, thank you for all your messages… I’m not answering at the moment. I completely switched off my phone for three days, because I’m really not at my best, but it’s slowly starting to get better. I need rest, the fever is coming down little by little. Yesterday 40, today 38. Got a bad flu. We found out today after two days in the hospital. Now all that’s left to do is wait for it to pass.” she wrote.

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In addition, things could have been much more serious for the mother-to-be whose symptoms seemed most worrying. The young woman continued: “The most boring thing is having that when you’re pregnant. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have experienced it the same way. My heart was beating 140 yesterday due to fever so we were super worried”. Finally, the lovers who were to spend a New Year’s Eve alone in a luxury hotel will have spent New Year’s Eve in their cocoon playing video games.

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