Good news for Quebec fans of the Yellowstone series

Good news for Quebec fans of the Yellowstone series

The Quebec public will soon be able to continue in the language of Molière the story of the family and political conflicts, as well as the turf wars of the Dutton family.

Série Plus has just acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights, in French in Canada, of the series Yellowstone, modern western that has been one of the most popular series among our southern neighbors since its debut in 2018.

Episodes of the fifth season – broadcast in English since last November – will be offered on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. starting April 5.

“The long-awaited season 5 has changed hands between streaming platforms Amazon Prime and Paramount+, which does not yet have a French version. This created a lot of dissatisfaction among followers of Yellowstone. It is in order to satiate those who have not had the chance to continue the series in French that we have decided to offer an early broadcast of the most recent season.explains Julie Godon, senior director of French-language specialty channels at Corus, in a press release.

Those who have not had the opportunity to follow Yellowstone will be able to switch to catch-up mode starting in the fall of 2023, while Série Plus will present the series in French in its entirety.

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