Goulam, “The healer of hearts”, in Dakar

Goulam, “The healer of hearts”, in Dakar

Goulam, singer artist, Comorian in Dakar

The Comorian international singer Goulam will be in Dakar for a first show. Well present in the African musical sphere and beyond, Goulam’s fame has continued to grow since the release of his acronym “On s’en ira”, which had enormous success in Europe and the United States.

He is nicknamed “The healer of hearts”, because of the messages of love and the romantic texts that he conveys through his songs.

Born in Mutsamudu, on the island of Anjouan (Comoros) in 1991, Goulam is influenced by reggae, traditional Comorian rhythms (toirab, mgodro, etc.) or even zouk and hip-hop. Goulam composes his pieces himself by merging all these artistic genres.

Joined by Seneweb, the artist expresses all his joy to come to Senegal for a show. “Senegal is a country I love very much and it’s a great honor for me to play in Dakar,” he said.

The artist will perform on the occasion of the final of the 4th edition of the international festival Jeunes Talents hip-hop en couleurs, on Saturday November 26, 2022 at the Grand Théâtre de Dakar. This development project is specially dedicated to the promotion of young talents. It aims to make the urban culture sector so coveted by young people one of the major levers of economic growth and the promotion of cultural and touristic values ​​in Africa, particularly Senegal.

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