Greg Yega (Le Cross) makes revelations about his ex Marwa

Greg Yega (Le Cross) makes revelations about his ex Marwa

The reunion between Greg Yega and Marwa is likely to be explosive in The cross of W9, this Wednesday, December 28. For Tele-LeisureGreg had said all the bad things he thought about his former girlfriend.

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Greg Yega and Marwa will meet in The cross this Wednesday, December 28 on W9, in the episode already available on Salto. This reunion promises to be stormy. As a reminder, the two candidates had a short romantic relationship in The Fifty. They had nevertheless decided to separate during the program. The cause of their argument does not come from this separation, but from the fact that Marwa did not save the young man – then lied to him the day of his elimination in the confinement program. For Tele-Leisurethe latter had given his opinion on the candidate. And he’s not tender.

Marwa used me to play on her buzz and her image

A few months after the end of filming, Greg Yega, recently reconciled with Maeva Ghennamstill holds some grudge against his former girlfriend. The young man does not seem to have digested the attitude of the candidate revealed in The Princes and Princesses of Love against him. He even accuses her of not having had real feelings for him. “Marwa used me to play on her buzz and her image“begins the one nicknamed Bebew. The flagship candidate of the Marseilleswhose show will not be returning for the time being – goes even further: “We’re not going to lie to each other, it’s better to get closer to a Bebew (himself Editor’s note) with a million five on Instagram than a lesser-known candidate.

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Greg Yega disappointed by the lies of his ex Marwa

In addition to questioning the intentions of Marwa, Greg Yega returned to the circumstances of his elimination in The Fifty. And he doesn’t forget that the young woman lied to him straight in the eye that day. “The most serious thing is not that she didn’t vote for me, but that she lied“, he admits, before continuing: “It’s thanks to me that she stayed in the game for so long. Without me, she would have been eliminated faster. I don’t find his attitude correct.“Softened at the end of this interview, the candidate ends up concluding:”I wanted to believe it, but I ended up being taken for a ham. He’s a person without faith or law, heartless, quite simply.

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