Gringe’s reaction when he heard “The Smell of Gasoline” for the first time

Gringe’s reaction when he heard “The Smell of Gasoline” for the first time

The sulphurous “The Smell of Gasoline” has shaken more than one. During an interview, Orelsan recounted Gringe’s strong reaction upon listening to the single.

Bold, accusatory, “The Smell of Gasoline,” debut single from Civilization, was a hit upon its release. Four minutes of an explosive tirade, almost inciting a form of revolution, it does not go unnoticed. In an interview for The eveningOrelsan spoke about the creation of the track and in particular evoked the strong reaction of Gringe when he listened to it for the first time.

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Orelsan: “I wrote this title while documenting myself”

He said to me: how do you manage to sum up the feeling of the whole society in a song?says Orelsan, who dedicated a piece to his future son on the reissue of Civilization. I do not know. I wrote this title by documenting myself, talking to people from different backgrounds. I take their views and try to synthesize“. From the perversion of politics to the responsibility of the media, passing through ecology, general distrust and human cowardice, Orelsan draws up in “The Smell of Gasoline” a cruelly faithful portrait of the society in which he lives. Vices that were all the more felt after the Covid-19 pandemic. ““The Smell of Gasoline” brings out a sense of weariness and questioning that was very present in people at the time I was writing itexplains Orelsan, always for The evening.

But Gringe is right in questioning the writing of his lifelong sidekick. “It’s a title that imposed itself as a single because it represented the theme of the disc (…). The weirdest thing about all of this is that I’m not connected to nothingcontinues Orelsan. I don’t read the media, I’m not on Twitter, I don’t go too much on the networks… But I feel like I’m in touch with what’s going on. I just talk to people“. And while Emmanuel Macron had reacted to “The smell of gasoline”, asserting that the author of Civilization portrayed the societyas a sociologist»Orelsan doesn’t really agree. “No, I’m an artisthe concludes with the media. This is not science but feeling. I take feelings right and left, and that’s how I form my own opinion“.

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