Gucci Mane can’t stand Nicki Minaj anymore since he took a rake

Gucci Mane can’t stand Nicki Minaj anymore since he took a rake

According to the ex-manager of Gucci Manethe famous rapper would have a hard time tolerating Nicki Minaj. And the reason would be lunar: the artist would have developed a feeling against his colleague after she refused to give in to his advances.

Gucci Mane put in its place by Nicki Minaj

Deb Antney isn’t just Waka Flocka Flame’s mother. The boss of the artist management agency, having been called upon to take care of French Montana, Gucci Mane or even Nicki Minaj, has just sent a tackle supported in the direction of Guwop, calling him a man “Very selfish”before explaining why he did not get along with Nicki Minaj.

And the reason is not really glorious: “You know what hurts me? Gucci couldn’t stand it. He didn’t like Nicki, because he couldn’t bai ***. He didn’t love her. But the fact of validating all the bullshit he made? It was crazy. He didn’t do anything for you. He didn’t even appreciate it! »

She will add that musically, Gucci and Nicki still enjoyed a certain chemistry: “There was something on one of Nicki’s tracks, it belonged. But I wanted them to work together because we are a family, so we have to be with each other. […] Il est très égoïste. He only thinks about himself. I don’t even understand how he could sign artists. I never let artists sign other artists, because none of them are going to let an artist become bigger than them. »

Antney’s comment contradicts this release by Gucci Mane, who claimed to have slept once with Nicki Minaj, not without giving scabrous details. At the time, Minaj denied: “God strike me down if I’ve ever had sex with this man. LOL. »

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