Gucci Mane didn’t kill Pookie Loc in 2005 after all

Gucci Mane didn’t kill Pookie Loc in 2005 after all

Gucci Mane is accused by his former manager of lying about the murder of Pookie Loc, an associate of his former rival Jeezy. The rapper would never have actually killed the man, a fact which he will have despite everything “praised” for years.

Gucci Mane, a chipped legend?

She is the one who will have helped Gucci Mane to climb the ladder to success in the mid-2000s. Former manager of Guwop and also mother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame, Debra Antney has just dropped a real bombshell during an interview with the podcast ugly money.

She claims that Mane would never have killed Pookie Loc in 2005and this, even if the artist has repeatedly asserted the opposite: “Technically, you’ve never really killed anyone. All these kids think you’re the number one killer, so stop talking about it, because now you’re a father, you have two sons. Think about your children who are going to ask questions about something that belongs to fiction. You did it for the rap. »

When Antney is asked if Mane was in fact involved in Loc’s murder, she simply says no.

Pookie Loc (real name Henry Lee Clark III) was shot dead in May 2005 during an attempted burglary at a property where Gucci Mane was. The rapper was visiting a friend in Decatur, Georgia when Clark and three other men broke into her apartment. According to Gucci’s version, the assailants in question attacked him, and shots were fired. Clark’s body will be discovered a few days later in front of a nearby school. Guwop was arrested and charged with Clark’s murder, but the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. He will nevertheless admit to the police that he shot the group, while insisting that he had acted in self-defense.

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