Guesch Patti: who is Etienne, the man who inspired his famous hit?

Guesch Patti: who is Etienne, the man who inspired his famous hit?

Guesch Patti released his hit Etienne 36 years ago. But who is the man who inspired the singer to write this very suggestive song? Does it really exist?

In 1987, Gesch Patti made the French sing with its pipe Stephen. A very caliente song where the artist sang “Etienne, Etienne, Etienne, Oh, hold on tight. Salty, dirty kiss, fallen along the bed.
From the unpublished, he loves madly. In slow motion, I raise the taboos
“. Rapidly, the title co-written by Vincent Bruley was a success in France where it sold more than a million copies. A consecration for the one who debuted at the Paris Opera and his career as dancer especially for Nana Mouskouri and Sylvie Vartan. No less than 36 years later, this piece still resonates thanks to Afida Turner who took it up with the same passion. The opportunity to wonder if this famous Etienne really exists. Who is he who is the object of all the fantasies of Patricia Porrasse, real namewho will celebrate their 77th birthday on March 16?

Guesch Patti and her tribute to a man she knows well

As revealed The Women’s JournalEtienne is not a fictional character invented by Guesch Patti. She even knows him very well since he is none other than a friend and manager of the singer. But don’t get me wrong, they never started a relationship and their relationship was purely platonic.

Invited on a TV set, the artist had revealed the reaction of his comrade when he discovered the song. “He blushed when he heard the title“, she confided. And the artist did well to release a song in his honor since this tribute allowed him to win a Victoire de la musique in the Female Revelation of the Year category. At the time, it had made short work of its competitors: Vanessa Paradis and Maurane. Although Guesch Patti hasn’t released a record since 2010, Stephen allowed him to remain engraved in the memories.

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