“Guyanese Rhymes and Lullabies”: an audio book highlighting 5 local languages

“Guyanese Rhymes and Lullabies”: an audio book highlighting 5 local languages

Violaine Machichi Prost’s audiobook, published by Zébulon editions and the Kassik association, reveals songs in the Kali’na, N’djuka, Awarak, Creole, Hmong and Saramaka languages, all illustrated by Cécile Arnicot. The work is the result of cooperation with the Cassic association, as well as native speakers, for whom the book will serve as an aid in teaching. The idea germinated in the mind of Violaine Machichi Prost, when she had just given birth to her child: ” I had just given birth to my son and I had a kind of audio book that you find in supermarkets, with birds, a mountain, etc. But we had nothing about Guyana ».

A purely local work, which also allows a real emphasis on the culture of the territory, especially thanks to the use of the Kali’na language, originally an oral language, as explained by Daniel François, in charge of continuing education missions. University of Guyana: When Violaine presented this project to me, I immediately accepted, because since 1997, the customary authorities through the Bellevue Declaration have accepted the spelling, a specific codification, which means that since 1997 there has been the spelling and Kali’s codification, but from 1998 to 2012. this spelling was not really used, was not or was little known, so now with native speakers we are trying to trivialize the writing and spelling throughout Guyana”.

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