Guylaine Guay’s Victory at Un Souper Almost Perfect Has Been Criticized: Here’s Why

Guylaine Guay’s Victory at Un Souper Almost Perfect Has Been Criticized: Here’s Why

The first week of the yearAn almost almost perfect dinner was devoted to the reunion of the participants of the second season of Big Brother Celebrities.

Thus, Tranna Wintour, Claudia Bouvette, Éléonore Lagacé, Guylaine Guay and PL Cloutier cooked for each other.

They all gave themselves very high marks, even though the food wasn’t always great. It was the happiness of being around the same table that took precedence over taste.

On the other hand, the four friends were in a hurry to eat at Guylaine’s who is, it seems, an exceptional cook. She was the appointed head in the house of Big brother and his little dishes always aroused ecstasy.

It should come as no surprise, then, that his guests gave him a perfect score. This was also a first in the history of the show. Obviously, she won this special week hands down.

On social networks and through messages in private, viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction following the victory of the author and comedian. These are his dishes have caused a stir.

Remember that Guylaine Guay has remade the famous meatloaf which had had unparalleled success in the house of Big brother, with a salad as an appetizer and lime green Jell-O for dessert.

There are ladies who are a bit frue that I had 40 with those dishes. What I tell them is that the secret ingredient, of course, was love. “, said Guylaine Guay at the microphone of Véronique and the Fantastics this Thursday.

She also adds, a little later: I had a theme, I had a costume, I had prepared games: it deserved 40! »

Consult Guylaine’s famous meatloaf recipe here.

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