Hachette Livre will not move its headquarters from Hauts-de-Seine to Germainville

Hachette Livre will not move its headquarters from Hauts-de-Seine to Germainville

In our edition of January 25, we wrote, in the mouth of Pierre-Frédéric Billet

mayor of Dreux and vice president of Agglo du Pays de Dreux: “If Hachette decided to come to Germainville, it would be to set up a warehouse for books and the headquarters of the company, which in all represents a hundred jobs. But nothing has been signed yet.”

500 to 600 employees on site

The elements that caused the management of the Hachette group to react, through the voice of its strategic communication consulting company, Taddeo: “The article announces the installation of the company’s headquarters. That is completely false. First, the headquarters of the Hachette group is located in Vanves, in the Hauts-de-Seine, and there is no talk of moving it anywhere. This false information caused a commotion among the staff. Second, the number of employees working at Maurepas in Yvelines varies between 500 and 600 people. In case of moving to Germainville, the number of people on site will be of this order, not a hundred, as the mayor of Dreux said”.

Following our article, the Hachette Group issued a new official press release to clarify its vision on this sensitive and strategic issue.

Will the Hachette Livre group build an XXL logistics location near Dreux?

The group confirms that it wants to start modernizing its logistics and distribution services: “The Hachette Livre Group is thoroughly modernizing its distribution and logistics tools. In order to achieve this, he is implementing an ambitious project that will enable him to consolidate his position as the market leader in France. Building a new distribution and logistics tool perfectly adapted to the challenges of the coming decades will enable the Group to innovate for the benefit of all its customers, publishers, booksellers, authors and readers. »

Logistics site and distribution center

And to add: “After several months of work, and the previously confirmed impossibility of changing the existing distribution location, the Hachette Livre group started looking for a new location in order to build one fully adapted to the requirements of the Group and its various customers. One of the key criteria set for determining the location of the future location is that it is located as close as possible to the current location of Maurepas, and the Group is willing to include all teams in the future project.”

Hachette recognizes that Drouais is of interest to it and further clarifies its strategy: “After a detailed analysis of possible installation opportunities, carried out in regular contact with all public bodies and players involved in the project, the group decided to propose the establishment of its new distribution and logistics center in the city of Germainville (Eure-et-Loir), according to a schedule that remains unchanged, with the start of work until 2026. This establishment project in Germainville is currently subject to consultation procedures with the representative bodies of workers, in accordance with the social dialogue. At this stage, the group has no further comments about the project.”

In a press release last night, Pierre-Frédéric Billet denied having made the remarks mentioned in our January 25 edition: “I made no such remarks, Hachette of course remains the sole decision-maker on the location of its headquarters. Today I can only confirm discussions whose existence has been discovered elsewhere. I limited myself to evoking “logistics and office activities that would accompany this for a project that would represent 500 to 600 jobs”. Of course, I remain fully involved in this discussion, anxious to provide Hachette and its employees with the best possible terms of admission. »

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