HackelBury Fine Art : Art + Livres

HackelBury Fine Art : Art + Livres

HackelBury Fine Art expose Art + books, a research book about art in all its forms. The exhibition celebrates the artist’s art/book as a form of collaboration – between art and text and between artists, writers, galleries and publishers.

HackelBury has worked with artists for years to produce art books. Their publishing arm, Printhe saw five books created in collaboration with many artists who often document important works that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Art + Books highlights a selection of these collaborations, including “Gravity of Light” by Doug and Mike Starn, the first book to celebrate the breadth of the Starns’ innovative photographic career, A lost summer d’Alys Tomlinson et al Willy Ronis: Unpublished album of the master of photography by Willy Ronis. The photographer’s unpublished album, a book of photographs that traces his career and contribution to photography and photojournalism.

“Personal Record” Elliott Erwitt is a collection of photographs spanning his career, bringing together many of his most significant images alongside many others that have never been published before. ‘Ojeikere pictures‘ explores JD Okhai Ojeikere’s photographs of Nigerian hairdressing. Captured in exquisite detail, the images are ethnographic documents of this evolving aspect of Nigerian culture.

« Against Photography: Early Works 1976 » Ian McKeever is published alongside the exhibition of the same name and offers a rare opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the dynamic first two decades of his long and distinguished career.

The art book has a long and important history that began in Paris in the 1890s when artists decided that the book format was the perfect tool for combining text and image. Artists took the opportunity to use available and inexpensive materials and methods to create a narrative and series of images (often combined with text), which communicate the artist’s work to a mass audience while providing an intimate experience.

This democratization of art and photography through the book format remains a particularly important reason for the production of art books and enables the presentation of works that might otherwise be too expensive or large to display in a physical gallery. The book format gives greater freedom to the artist to reflect on how his work is perceived in time and space and, in the case of accompanying text, enables a dialogue between image and text. An art book also reflects the passage of time, documents an artist’s career, creates an archive that is a valuable contribution.

Art + books
November 17, 2022 – January 28, 2023
HackelBury Fine Art
4 Place Launceston
London W8 5RL, UK

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