“Happiness owes nothing to chance”, a book that helps you be who you are

“Happiness owes nothing to chance”, a book that helps you be who you are

Better introduction. This is the ambition of the book “Le Bonheur, nothing owes to chance”, published in mid-November by Quintessence. He wrote this hundred-page work Dr. Christian Bourit etc Lyne Derosecoach, speaker and trainer.

The latter also created the support method “CARE” which could be translated into French as care or attention. This means: knowledge/trust, boldness/alignment, relationship and balance.

Learning to get to know each other

“This book is for those who don’t know. When you are lost in self-knowledge, explains Lyne Derose. It is the key to connecting with yourself. It enables the possibility of thinking through testimonies. And there are games that help unlock situations. »

Moreover, in the book “Happiness owes nothing to chance”, through the chapters we are encouraged to ask ourselves the right questions about our needs and desires. The goal is to enable us to make the best choice for us.

take a step back

This book also offers advice on how we communicate with those around us close as a professional. In the case when you are faced with an unpleasant situation, and you do not react to it with emotions, you have to ask yourself the “why” of this reaction, become aware and ask yourself how to calm it down.

To help us, there are mantras, both to motivate us and to make us aware of the skills and abilities we have within us.

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