Harry Styles hit in the eye in concert by a projectile

Harry Styles hit in the eye in concert by a projectile

Harry Styles on stage at the Coachella festival on April 22, 2022 in California. – Kevin Mazur – AFP

The singer was hit in the face by an unidentified projectile. According to some witnesses, it would be a Skittle, a sour candy. His eye is fine according to his surroundings.

The show must always go on, even if one is injured in the eye. This is the mishap that happened on Monday evening at Harry Styles. The singer was hit in the eye by an unidentified projectile while greeting his fans at a concert in Los Angeles.

This projectile, which would be a sour candy from the Skittle brand, hit the singer’s left eye, according to several videos available on Twitter. Harry Styles seems momentarily embarrassed, before quickly following up with a song, Kiwi.

“Don’t throw any more Skittles on the stage”

According to Paulia member of the group accompanying Harry Styles, the object was indeed a Skittle. He reassured the artist’s fans by confirming that his eye was fine. “But do me a favor: don’t throw any more Skittles on the stage.”

Harry Styles is currently performing a series of concerts in Los Angeles as part of his world tour for his album Harry’s house. The singer has just won six nominations for Grammysincluding one in the album of the year category.

Harry Styles, who is also an actor, starred in two films this fall: the psychological thriller don’t worry darlingincluding the promotional campaign unleashed passionsand historical drama My policeman.

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