Has Benoît Dubois been in a relationship with Matthieu Delormeau? He finally answers!

Has Benoît Dubois been in a relationship with Matthieu Delormeau? He finally answers!

It’s been more than a decade since Benoît Dubois crossed paths with Matthieu Delormeau, with whom he forged very strong ties. But have the two men ever been a couple? In a recent interview, the winner of the fourth season of Secret Story has finally answered!

Twelve years ago, TF1 viewers discovered a certain Benoît Dubois, who joined Secret Story for the fourth season alongside, in particular, emblematic figures of the program, such as Amélie Neten or Senna Hounhanou. Over the weeks, the youngster’s colorful personality and undeniable charisma have made him a darling of game aficionadosthanks to his unforgettable duet with Thomas Vitiello. “We had this mission, and I realized that in fact, I had a lot of hooked atoms with him. This is where the duo was born. We started laughing together, making fun of people who took themselves too seriously in the House“, Thomas had confided in a documentary broadcast on TFX last August, for the 15th anniversary of Secret History.

And the ties finally broke between the two former acolytes, Benoît Dubois remained very close to Matthieu Delormeau, whom he met when he left the program. At the time, the columnist of Do not touch My TV animated And Mag on NRJ 12, and had to collaborate with Benoît Duboisan agreement far from won. “I embodied everything he hated: the tall, hysterical blond madwoman! But he became a friend, he advised me a lot“, explained the winner of Secret History in the columns of Audience.

Benoît Dubois and Matthieu Delormeau were they in a relationship?

Despite their strong proximity, Benoît Dubois and Matthieu Delormeau have never yielded to temptation, quite the contrary. “We still have an age difference of fifteen years him and me, we don’t have the same expectations at all. Me it’s marriage, children… very classic. Not him at all! Put me with him, it would make me sufferbecause he can’t give me what I expect“, explained the first, always in Audience.

If he never exposes his love stories on social networks, the comedian and host has confirmed that they have been in a relationship for a month and a half. “He’s a GP, and this time I feel it’s the right one […] He flirted with me in a club, he told me that I was very handsome. He didn’t know me and that’s cool“, he confided. The beginning of a very beautiful love story!

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