Has Orelsan just announced the end of his career?

Has Orelsan just announced the end of his career?

Having already alluded to his retirement several times during the making of Civilization but also in some of his lyrics, the rapper talks about the direction his career could take.

At the end of the interview, however, he wants to reassure his audience by qualifying his remarks:In fact, I would be surprised if I stopped. On the other hand, what is possible is that I don’t release an album like that. I will completely consider stopping Orelsan’s character, because it’s super heavy. It takes away your privacy. You set very high expectations. I have to question myself with each album. And because it just takes a lot of time.” The interpreter of day better half-word announces a retreat. He still plans to continue releasing songs, but the regular albums and the pseudonym “Orelsan” may well disappear.

The interview is tinged with questions, particularly concerning the longevity of a musical career. Returning to the phrase “Soon you will all forget me” of the title Civilization, he explains that the tide is turning and that the public will not listen to his music indefinitely.

“This sentence was also a desire to leave when you’re still cool, out of respect for the public. Anyway, at some point, you’re not going to like what I do anymore. So you might as well try to leave when it’s the classiest.

13 years later Lost in advancehis first album, the era of Civilization marks a turning point in Orelsan’s career. But one thing is certain, his fate is still far from being sealed.

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