Hautes-Pyrénées: The Da Vinci Code in local colors

Hautes-Pyrénées: The Da Vinci Code in local colors

An author who lives between Mascaras and Peyrouse, Gérard Cuilhé publishes his first novel “The Sacred Symbol”, an “esoteric thriller” that takes us through the centuries and the world.

He left the “mask” of his previous life to embrace the pen with happiness. A native of Lourdes, Gérard Cuilhé, “who lives between Mascaras and Peyrouse”, likes to specify so as not to be confused with another namesake from the Hautes-Pyrénées, who plunged headlong into writing because he took a break from his professional duties. But his desire to modestly embrace literature goes back several years. Gérard Cuilhé got the idea for his first novel “almost ten years ago”, after successive visits by John Paul II. 2004 and Benedict XVI in 2008 to Lourdes, which were necessarily significant. In fact, in another life, he had the opportunity (privilege) twice to participate in the security arrangements of the sovereign pontiff on a trip or pilgrimage to the Marian city. At the age of 63, Gérard Cuilhé drew on his multiple experiences, personal and professional, his injuries and moments of happiness, to give birth to his first literary child: “Sacred Symbol”, a self-defining work. – even as an “esoteric thriller”, a kind of Da Vinci code that leaves colorful traces on its way.

A breathtaking enigma

The man is discreet and as he says well “does not want to flatter his ego”, as well as his work which takes us into secret histories, impenetrable pharmacies and their struggle for influence. The “original sin” of the novel has its source in the fact that Pontius Pilate replaced Jesus Christ with a stone pendant in the shape of a triangle engraved with mysterious signs. Thanks to this mysterious and so precious object, the author takes us on a journey through the centuries, mainly during the Cathar era, until today, and into the world, like a space-time journey and a literary odyssey that transcends eras and geographical and religious borders. A breathtaking mystery that is likely to challenge certain Catholic, Jewish and Christian dogmas, taking us into the mysteries of the Vatican and onto Egyptian soil. It took almost a year and a half for Gérard Cuilhé to complete his work, between writing and research work, he who professes an inordinate passion for history. “My fiction is based on historical facts and archaeological discoveries, the accuracy of which I had checked by professors of history and geography,” he tries to specify. “Historical truth” that makes the fiction he develops even more believable and fascinating. A book to get urgently in all good bookstores, and especially in Fnac.

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