he is rejected by Mélanie Dedigama after his victory

he is rejected by Mélanie Dedigama after his victory

During the evening scheduled to celebrate the winner of the Fifty, Julien Bert took a huge wind in video from Mélanie Dedigama. We show you!

Mélanie Dedigama and Julien Bert, as a couple in the Fifties?

Mom of a 2-year-old girl named Naya, the reality TV candidate does not fail to share adorable moments spent with the family. However, when it comes to her love life, Mélanie Dedigama prefers to remain discreet.

During the filming of The Fifty, the young woman was suspected of being in a relationship with Julien Bert. And besides, his speech about his participation has added to the doubts of Internet users about a possible couple with the ex of Hilona. “It was incredible taking and unforgettable !!!! I loved taking part in this gut-wrenching adventure!!! I don’t know how to thank you for all this love, this just enormous support and all this kindness towards me!!! “. Declares Mélanie to her community.

An exceptional adventure

Before adding: “Thank you to everyone who was in my team. Who believed in me and whom I must have disappointed by getting eliminated 😔 Thank you also for taking the time to send me such lovely messages every day, video photo comments… I was sincerely very moved and I am even more today 🥹♥️”.

Julien Bert: he is rejected by Mélanie Dedigama after his victory in the Fifty

And it’s shortly after his elimination from the show that the young woman spoke for the first time about her “couple” with Julien Bert. While many thought they were a couple on the outside, she put an end to all the rumors in a story on Instagram: “I was truly happy to meet and play with so many beautiful people. And to have seen again and lived extraordinary moments with people that I already adored and that I like even more today!!! Ps: I promised to answer you this question at the end of my adventure: YES I am single and very happy like this 😉 »

Julien Bert takes a wind from Mélanie

However, all these statements have not convinced Internet users much, who still think that the relationship between Julien Bert and Mélanie is ambiguous. But recently, a video of the evening that followed the announcement of the winner ended up convincing the most reluctant. While celebrating Julien Bert’s victory shortly after the bonus, a video of the evening caused a huge reaction from Internet users. We can see all the candidates singing and dancing, and Julien Bert, very close to Mélanie then tries to kiss her. But this one gives him an unexpected wind and turns around laughing when he approaches to give her a kiss.

Uncomfortable, we then see Julien (who has just joined the Mym platform) walk away while Mélanie laughs, and very quickly, the sequence was relayed by the thousands on Tiktok with the caption: “ Julien suffers a failure as he wins the 50. ” Look !


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Mélanie Dedigama: while rumors say she is back as a couple, internet users are wondering about her breakup with Vincent… We tell you everything!

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