‘He made money on our drama’: Dahmer victim’s mother hits out at actor Evan Peters

‘He made money on our drama’: Dahmer victim’s mother hits out at actor Evan Peters

His impeccable interpretation of Jeffrey Dahmer, nicknamed ” the milwaukee cannibal », froze millions of viewers. And earned Evan Peters the golden globes Best Actor in a Miniseries, awarded Tuesday night near Los Angeles. The series follows the story of an American serial killer who confessed to murdering seventeen young gay men between 1978 and 1991.

But this reward was not unanimous: the mother of one of the victims of the serial killer confided her anger to the site TMZ. Shirley, the mother of Tony Hughes, said she was “furious” that the actor did not have a word for the attention of the victims or their families, who “still suffer from these crimes”.

In his speech, the 35-year-old actor wanted to thank creator Ryan Murphy, Netflix and also the public. “I want to thank everyone who watched the series. It was hard to do, hard to watch, but I sincerely hope something good came out of it. »

A sentence that left Shirley bitter: “Nothing good will come from Evan’s reward for this Netflix series. It only adds to the grief of the families whose loved ones were killed by Dahmer, they replay the tragedy over and over again. »

“The victims never received a penny”

According to her, Evan Peters should have mentioned the families of the victims and Hollywood should stop telling stories about serial killers and glorifying them. “There are a lot of sick people in the world, and people who earn acting roles by playing killers fuel the obsession and make the sick people thrive through fame. »

On stage, Evan Peters also mentioned how difficult it was to shoot this series. Again, Shirley Hughes remains perplexed: “He should not have accepted the role out of respect for the families who still live with the grief of having lost loved ones, she tackles. It’s a shame that people can appropriate our tragedy and make money from it. The victims never received a penny. We go through these emotions every day. »

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