He swore. Books, vinyls, VHS, toys from the 80s… at Librairie du Milieu, used and full of passion

He swore. Books, vinyls, VHS, toys from the 80s… at Librairie du Milieu, used and full of passion

At the end of the rue du Milieu, in Sellières, this summer a bookshop of the same name was located. The window does not look too much, and when the visitor pushes the door of the store, the smell of old books fills his nostrils. A familiar atmosphere for all lovers of porcelain, flea markets and antique treasures. Here, second-hand and cultural second-hand replaced the historic bar-PMU, which was closed for ten years.

A place that marked the village

Respecting the city’s past, Romain Mercier, Bison’s exiled for some time to the south, a joyful quarantine behind his round glasses, did not want to disturb the residents. “It is a place that marked the village. I didn’t want to go too fast, for it to blend in naturally without too much conflict” making it an elitist, conceptual and “arty” place. Time for aperitifs and reading will come later.

An accessible place for all curious people

After years of accumulating books, the one who is also a writer in his spare time, harbored the desire to open a store like this: “I wanted it to be a place for everyone in terms of price and concept”, advances Selliérois adoption from 2021. In this spirit the store remains ” in its own juice”, with books on all sides, the result of numerous purchases and donations, and something that will attract a curious eye, no matter where the eye turns.

Vinyls, trinkets, VHS, toys from the 80s… You have to snoop around and dig up, at random, a regional book – “they do well, there are a lot of fans and nostalgics”, assures Romain Mercier – or aim for a children’s book. In the back of the bookstore, there is a beautiful area dedicated to children: “These books become outdated much faster in the eyes of children, especially when it comes to graphics. Therefore, the challenge is to offer newer works, manga, comics to stay up to date.

After a few weeks of opening in the summer and closing in the fall, Romain Mercier put on his ugliest Christmas sweater and warned his subscribers on the web : Librairie du Milieu holds the 31st for the entire month of December.

Bookstore Middle, 1 rue du Milieu in Sellières. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Romain Mercier, bookseller and writer

As a child of the 80s, Romain Mercier grew up “with Sardou vinyls” and science fiction novels. He calls himself an artist-author, writes poetry that he brings to life on stage. Arriving in Jura, the buyer-collector wanted to “calm down”, refocus on the book object, that is, the wacky object, if the ostrich egg and the fluorescent green inflatable alien hanging from the crossed ceilings between the books are to be believed. When he doesn’t catch the VHS of Gremlins Stuck behind the window, Romain Mercier intervenes in schools and runs writing workshops, based on poetry and therefore SF, his favorite genre. Science fiction is also the setting for his own works, the latest of which, “Metavers solitaire” is on sale in the boutique (€9).

When the old man makes the recipe

“It’s not too expensive” is Romain Mercier’s desire to attract young people to the book department and address all customers. But the old is popular, and the vintage panics at the box office. It is difficult to sell it at any price, so Romain Mercier aims for “the in-between”. Alongside paperbacks priced at €2, a 90s Star Wars board game with pristine VHS and hardware is on display at €25. Connoisseurs will not be wrong.

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