“He was a bit crazy…”: Michel Drucker tells a surprising anecdote about the famous animator

“He was a bit crazy…”: Michel Drucker tells a surprising anecdote about the famous animator

Michel Drucker is a key figure in French television. Until March 2023, he also brings several anecdotes about the world of television in a completely new show. This Tuesday, December 20, 2022. Puremedia brings back a stunning memory recounted on stage by Michel Drucker.

Michel Drucker has appeared on television for more than half a century. He followed several generations from program to program, and introduced many artists to the French. Many weeks, his show I can’t wait for Sunday gently ends the week. Various personalities appear in the show, which is now broadcast on France 3. And if it is true that the pace is quite calm, the famous red sofa is not immune to a few twists and turns. Evidence, Danny Boon thought fit to bring his dog to the show, but caused a fight with Michel Drucker’s dog.

More fear than harm, thankfully. As in a family, guests indulge themselves a few small trusts with the host, who often became a friend over the years. At the beginning of the month, That’s how Mireille Matthieu revealed why she never deleted her accent. But despite the series’ popularity, I can’t wait for Sunday is not Michel Drucker’s only occupation. Far from being formalized with his 80 spring, he is just reconnecting with another passion of his: the stage.

Michel Drucker remembers the great name of French television

It is indeed a brand new show that he offers until March 24, 2023 at Studio Marigny (Paris). “From you to me“, directed by Stéphanie Jarre, returns anecdotes about PAF, collected during these years. A fan of short stories of that genre, he looks back in front of the public at all the personalities that marked him, including Léon Zitrone, for whom he worked in the sixties of the last century.Léon Zitrone was so devastated that on Sundays he didn’t even take time for lunch. It was trifecta day. Comments from our colleagues from Puremediawho attended the show.

Michel Drucker remembers a certain moment: “One day in 1965, near the studio, I’m with him in his Simca 1000, he’s eating fries and eating tripe à la mode de Caen prepared in Tupperware by his wife, Laura, while repeating the trifecta numbers. All windows are closed. He didn’t want to be recognized, he couldn’t bear to be recognized… That’s boring for a public figure! Imagine the biggest TV star in 1965.“Except that on that day, his lunch “break” didn’t go the way he wanted it to…

“And that’s where he gets angry…”

And then, after a quarter of an hour, there is a family that passes by and recognizes him, through the fog that was in Simca 1000. And that’s when he gets angry, lowers the window and says ‘I forbid you to recognize me!’. I had to get it out! People, paralyzed… ‘I forbid you to recognize me… What is your name? The… ? A pear tree? Drucker, keep the Poiriers in mind, from now on Poirier family, I will delete you from my watch list!’“With such bloodshed, it is easy to imagine the panic reactions of this family… The well-known presenter has already turned her back on the disgusting behavior of Léon Zitrone, according to her. In his show, Michel Drucker tempos with a certain tenderness: “He was a bit crazy, it was Léon“. For more information, visit Studio Marigny!

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