health, Genesis, women in his life, Switzerland, Disney… all about the singer

health, Genesis, women in his life, Switzerland, Disney… all about the singer

Phil Collins turns 72 on January 30! In his last media appearances, he appeared emaciated, tired and with an emaciated face due to serious health problems. From his private life to his band Genesis to illness, here’s everything you need to know about him.

Phil Collins celebrates his 72nd birthday on January 30, 2023. The singer is becoming increasingly rare, he who has suffered from health problems for a few years now. As he blows out his candles, discover all the secrets of the performer with 150 million albums sold worldwide.

The latest on Phil Collins

Phil Collins: Disney, his hits, his career

The soft and fine voice of the interpreter ofanother day in paradise is immediately recognizable. He rocked a whole generation with his solo hits or in his group Genesis. He is not only a singer, Phil Collins is also an accomplished and gifted musician. He plays drums, percussion, keyboard, guitar and bass. He is considered one of the greatest rock drummers of his generation. He also composed some famous film music like Back to the future or American psycho. Among other things, he entirely wrote, assembled and sang the soundtrack of Tarzan for disney. A bo which will be worth to him to receive an Oscar in 2000; he had also been nominated in 1989 for Guy.

To date, Phil Collins has released eight studio albums, one live album, two compilations, sixteen video albums, thirty-eight clips, forty-five singles, two soundtracks and one remix album. Just that !

This jack-of-all-trades has also created a foundation with his last wife (The Little Dreams Foundation) which helps young people aged 4 to 16 to realize their dreams in the artistic or sports field.

Phil Collins and the disease: what is the singer suffering from?

Phil Collins has suffered for several years from a pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) and type 2 diabetes. Because of the latter, he had a foot abscess and has since suffered from foot drop syndrome. That’s why he always walks with a cane. However, it is not these problems that plague his life the most.

What hurts him the most is his back pain. He has already undergone two operations, but despite this he has great difficulty playing the drums, which has forced him to take early retirement. “I’m a little physically handicappedwhich is very frustrating because I loved to play. I can barely hold a drum stick with this hand so there are some physical things that bother me“, he confessed in the British newspaper The Guardian in 2021. How did he damage his body? Unfortunately, it was his passion that literally devoured him. “My vertebrae crushed my spinal cord from the position I play the drums in“, he said in an interview with the BBC.

Why did he leave the Genesis group?

In 1996, he left the band for the first time. He wanted to devote himself to his solo career after 25 years with the group. He was leading the two together, in addition to his family life and wanted to ease off a bit. In 2009, his health problems forced him to take a break from his career.

In 2013, during an interview, Phil Collins showed his desire to return to the stage with his Genesis acolytes. In September 2021, they are going on tour together in England, Ireland and North America. The singer does not appear in great shape. He’s lost weight, his face is slimmer, and he sits still during concerts. And indeed, this will be his last round. His condition does not allow him to continue. He announces, with regret, in 2022 that he is definitely ending his solo musical career. as well as with his friends with whom he sang Jesus he knows me. Sad news for the fans and for the artist.

Private life of Phil Collins: who are the women in his life?

If his professional life has been busy, so has his private life. Phil Collins has married 3 times and father of 5 children. In 1975, he married a Canadian environmental activist, Andrea Bertorelli. She was already the mother of a little Joely whom he adopted. They had together, a year later, Simon. They separated for a story of infidelity, each accused the other of having cheated on him. In 1984, he married the actress Jill Tavelman. They will have a daughter in 1989, Lily Collins (star actress of the series Emily in Parison Netflix). They divorced in 1996 still for stories of deception.

He then had a story with twists and turns with his last wife, Orianne Cevey. They had two boys: Nicholas in 2001, a drummer like his father who accompanied him on stage and Matthew in 2004. This time again, it was not the right one. After several “breaks” and then tinkering, they broke up definitively in 2019. Their separation gave rise to various settling of accounts where the forty-year-old did not hesitate to smear the image of the singer in the media. “Phil Collins’ stench has become so overwhelming that he has become a hermit, refusing to have face-to-face contact with anyone” she had told in the tabloids. She will receive the nice sum of 47 million dollars at the time of the divorce.

After his failed marriages and the last particularly eventful, he was in a relationship for 10 years with a last woman, Dana Tyler.

Where does Phil Collins live in Switzerland?

Phil Collins a long lived in Begnins, a Swiss municipality in the canton of Vaud, at the time of his marriage to Orianne Cevey. But after their divorce, Madame kept a house there while the singer born in London in the United Kingdom would have on his side opted for a house in Féchy. “Switzerland is a beautiful and important country for me, I speak of it as an example in all the interviews I give, emphasizing that there is a lot to learn from this country, especially with regard to the functioning bus“, he had entrusted to the site The morning.

As for his daughter, Lily Collins, she also lived for a time in Switzerland with her famous dad. “I fell in love with a Swiss who spoke French (…) My first love was a Romand. It was platonic because I was 11 years old. At the time, I lived with dad on the shores of Lake Geneva“, she confided to 20 minutes.

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