Heavy. Loan of e-readers, digital books or cyber-base… Media library in the digital age

Heavy. Loan of e-readers, digital books or cyber-base… Media library in the digital age

The media libraries of the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées public reading network multiply digital offers between workshops, reader loans or e-books.

Lack of time to get to the library, access to new items, going on a trip without a few books in your luggage or even pain in the joints while carrying a book… So many reasons why more and more users prefer the catalog digital version of the public reading network Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées .

In Lourdes, as many as five readers are offered for loan, as well as in the Louis-Aragon media library. Other media libraries in the network are also equipped with them, for a total of twenty devices. The first arrived in 2017 in Tarbes, before being developed at the network level three years ago.

Digital books complementary to the paper offer

The network has therefore taken the digital path with conviction. Amandine Sarres-Anso oversees this initiative. Nadira Lehila is responsible for helping users discover this new way of reading.

A loan that therefore allows you to test equipment before you possibly equip yourself to access the e-book suggestions online. Amandine Sarres-Anso explains: “The priority is to acquire a complementary offer for paper documents.” Among them, new editorial publications that are in high demand and on the library’s waiting list, as well as works related to events organized by the network.

New app and site celebrating 1 year

And to discover all the nuggets in the catalog, what better than to use the new app put up by agglo? Or a completely new website that now brings together the entire catalog of all the network’s media libraries, a complete calendar of events, and the ability to connect all family accounts. So that we can check that we are up-to-date on book returns, especially when children borrow them.

Suggestions that have met with success, especially since registration in the network has become completely free. If the subscriber encounters even the slightest problem, Nadira Lehila can receive him in an individual appointment, or offer telephone help, in order to solve the problem. The page also contains a guide to getting started and using the digital book, for all media: PC or Mac computer, tablet, e-reader, etc.

Introductory IT workshop in five sessions

Nadira Lehila and Amandine Sarres-Anso also visit each media library once a month to explain these options. In Lourdes, the media library goes even further. The digital advisor develops a whole series of IT training workshops. From initiation to the most basic use, to word processing, personalizing your office or even using videoconferencing… So many workshops aimed at training and reducing the digital divide.

Some institutions also offer free access positions. A need for those who do not have access to the Internet and at a time when cybercafés have almost disappeared.

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