Henry Cavill is leaving…but as a hero

Henry Cavill is leaving…but as a hero

Lauren Hissrich wants to be reassuring, Henry Cavill will leave the series The Witcher with honors.

Season 3 of the Witcher is already in the box. The creative teams have worked hard to bring us the new adventures of Geralt of Riverless than two years after season 2. The broadcast will take place next summer, this month of December being devoted to the spin-off Some blood Origin. On the occasion of this release, on December 25, the creative director of the saga: lauren Hissrichreturned to Henry’s journey Cavill in the shoes of the famous witcher.

To everyone’s surprise, the actor announced last October that he would pass on the baton from season 4. The next episodes will therefore be the last for the Briton. If season 3 was not thought of as a farewell to the interpreter, the decision to Cavill not having yet been taken at the time of filming, it will be entitled to a heroic farewell according to Lauren Hissrich.

“We wanted to honor that (his journey editor’s note) appropriately. The big change for Geralt is to give up neutrality and do whatever it takes to regain Features. For me, it’s the most heroic farewell could to have. Even if it wasn’t written that way. Geralt has a new mission when we find him again in season 4. It will be quite different from what we might expect.

Different, there is no doubt since it is a new actor who will play him at that time. Liam hemsworth was announced to take over. Difficult to know for the moment how the narration will explain this change. It is very likely that he will not be mentioned and that the handover will take place in the shadows.

A season more faithful to the novels

Since its first steps on Netflix, the Witcher has largely freed itself from its source of inspiration. These choices have not always been unanimous with the fans of the first hour, but the next season should somewhat rectify the situation. lauren Hissrich would also like to recall that the desire to pay tribute to the author was central.

“Obviously we can’t do every page, but Time of Contempt gave us so many great action events, plot points, defining character moments, and revelations about a great evil. There’s so much to do that we were able to stick very closely with the books.

These statements are obviously not trivial. They come as rumors circulate about the writers of the series. beautiful Maywho worked on previous seasons, reportedly said that some of his colleagues often laughed at the books they had to adapt. lauren Hissrich had already spoken about it, urging viewers not to take everything he reads at face value. hope that the result meets the expectations of the spectators. The departure of Henry Cavill could cost the series dearly, the success of which rested essentially on its delivery.


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