Henry Cavill leaves the Netflix series and announces the name of his successor

Henry Cavill leaves the Netflix series and announces the name of his successor

Thunderbolt! netflix has just announced that its flagship fantasy series, the witcherhad just lost its main star, Henry Cavill. His successor is already known!

A resounding announcement

The past week has been particularly intense for fantasy fans. After discovering the excellent last episode of Dragon Housewhich has consecrated the HBO series as one of the best series of 2022, we have successively learned good news and bad news. The maid : Alexandre Astier announced the return of Kaamelott in Januaryin a project around the character of Karadoc; the bad : actor Henry Cavill has just left the series the witcherin which he interpreted since 2019 the role of Geralt De Riv.

The British actor has indeed addressed the fans of the adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels in a press release:

My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventure, and alas, I’ll be laying down my medallion and swords for Season 4.

Of course, the news is surprising. In fact, as everyone knowsHenry Cavill is a very big fan of the universe of the witcher. However, the announcement of his withdrawal is made just a few days after the announcement of his return as Supermaneagerly awaited by fans of the DC Extended Universe. It’s a safe bet that having a role in two major franchises being very time-consuming, the British actor had to make a choice.

However, the withdrawal of Henry Cavill from the series does not mean the cancellation of the series. the witcher. From the end of game of thrones in 2019, Netflix bet on adapting this very popular fantasy work to play on HBO’s flowerbeds. While HBO has just triumphed with Dragon House and that Prime Video showed its ambitions with the first season of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Big N can’t afford to cancel the streak. Henry Cavill has also announced the name of his successor: Liam Hemsworth.

In my place, the fantastic Mr. Liam Hemsworth will take on the role of the white wolf. As with literary greats, I pass the torch with respect for the time spent playing Geralt and with excitement to see Liam’s perspective on this fascinating and nuanced man.

The choice of Liam Hemsworth in the role of Geralt De Riv will undoubtedly surprise : not only the brother of Chris (Thor in the MCU) and Luke Hemsworth (Stubbs in Westworld) is younger than Henry Cavill (32 years old for the first, 39 years old for the second), but in addition, his career is not full enough to reassure the most skeptical fans. We have certainly seen it in hunger gamesin Expendables 2 and in Independence Day: Resurgencebut his curriculum vitae ultimately remains rather meager.

We recall that season 3 of The Witcher, which will therefore be Henry Cavill’s last as the Butcher of Blaviken, has been announced for summer 2023. Before that, fans of Sapkowski’s universe will be able to discover his spin-off, The Witcher: Origin of Bloodwho will come out at the end of the year.

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