Her “unpleasant” husband Maxime Chattam? Faustine Bollaert explains why: “he hates it…”

Her “unpleasant” husband Maxime Chattam? Faustine Bollaert explains why: “he hates it…”

Maxime does not want to be in the light

Faustine Bollaert, who also confided that her husband is a fan of series, recounted an amazing memory with the father of her children: “We were watching Star Academy and he was looking at an autopsy report for an upcoming book and I was telling the kids, ‘Don’t watch what daddy is watching'”she testified, emphasizing despite everything her husband certainly “casual” is “really a man cream”.

If the host of France 2 and France 3 is overexposed in the media, her husband Maxime prefers discretion. “Maxime doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. He doesn’t want to be recognized, he hates it, raised Faustine Bollaert at the microphone of RTL. We are regularly offered to do reports together, magazine covers… We categorically refuse because, I am in the light and he, he wants his writings to be in the lighte, not him. He is very unpleasant when you recognize him in the street. And what is terrible is that he was not known physically before. We knew his name but now people see me and so suddenly, they see him and they say to themselves: ‘Ah but in fact it’s…’ So we come to talk to him more and then he says to me: ‘Thank you for taking me on board with your notoriety’. It’s not something he likes”she concluded.

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