Here are 5 science fiction books on offer for Christmas 2022

Here are 5 science fiction books on offer for Christmas 2022

Robots, space travel and post-apocalypse are on the program of this election. Here’s which sci-fi novels published in 2022 could have a place of choice under the Christmas tree.

Have a loved one who is passionate about ecology, robots, space travel and you want to offer him a science fiction book? Here is a selection of books published in 2022 that you can put under your tree.

And if you’re looking for even more ideas beyond recent releases, don’t hesitate to explore our Christmas SF picks from previous years: in 2021, in 2020, in 2019.

A Psalm for Wild Recyclers (Becky Chambers)

Translated by Marie Surgers. // Source: L’Atalante

Conscious robots who decide to go live in the forest rather than destroy humanity, a philosophical discussion between a monk and one of these robots… A psalm for wild recycling is one of our favorites in 2022. Becky Chambers already holds a prominent position in SF for her pen that is as intelligent as it is upbeat.

This book at the base of the tree will bring something positive to subjects that are usually quite difficult – such as ecology or the relationship to technology. In short, this is a literary gift that will come in handy.

Buccaneers of the Chemical Sea (Marguerite Imbert)

Source: Albin Michel
Source: Albin Michel

What SF novel to give to someone who is interested in ecology? If the aforementioned Becky Chambers novel falls squarely into this category, you can also opt for Marguerite Imbert’s post-apocalyptic novel, with a unique touch.

Buccaneers of the Chemical Sea he mixes the tragic and the comic with surprising skill. The incipit also announces this chiaroscuro: I don’t believe the apocalypse is necessarily a sad thing “. This is not a light novel: the environmental theme is treated with real political ambition – and the corrosive satirical writing contributes to this. Thanks to this sharp novel, Marguerite Imbert is a discovery for French science fiction.

Nüying songs (Emilie Querbalec)

Source: Albin Michel
Source: Albin Michel

If you know someone who is passionate about great space travel, there is no doubt about it Songs of Nüying can fulfill this mission. The French writer Emilie Querbalec brings an amazing story about a mysterious exoplanet: scientists have discovered songs there that strangely resemble the songs of whales on Earth. The ecological dimension runs through the entire book, especially deconstructing anthropocentrism, but Songs of Nüying also deals with biotechnologies related to transhumanism.

This is a French SF novel mastered in the field of space opera. The offer will surely put stars in your eyes.

End of People (Christina Sweeny-Baird)

Translated by Juliane Nivelt // Source: Gallmeister
Translated by Juliane Nivelt // Source: Gallmeister

Want to offer a post-apocalyptic dystopia that stands out? The end of men de Christina Sweeny-Baird is the story of a pandemic that kills only men, not women. Not that the subject is so rare in literature, but here it is treated with striking social realism. The author tells the story before, during and after through the spectrum of the intimate. It is a story about the search for meaning when a major collapse changes the cards. And, which oddly mirrors, in many ways, the covid pandemic we’ve experienced.

Deeply human, captivating, it is impossible to remain indifferent to this novel by Christine Sweeny-Baird.

Ghostland (Margaret Killjoy)

Translated by Mathieu Prioux // Source: Argyll
Translated by Mathieu Prioux // Source: Argyll

For anyone interested in politics, fantasy literature provides food for thought. Spirit land it cannot be classified by genre – it combines SF and fantasy. Margaret Killjoy’s novel takes us into an exploration of an anarchist utopia full of nuances, while that society is threatened by imperialist forces. This through the eyes of a man who comes from this very conquering empire. His vision of the world will collapse bit by bit. Spirit land lies in heritage dispossess by Ursula Le Guin.

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