Here are the best Quebec holiday ads

Here are the best Quebec holiday ads

The holiday season is synonymous with shopping, which makes it a time full of advertisements.

Magic, nostalgia, touching moments, advertisers compete in imagination to capture the interest of consumers in this magical period.

The professor in the department of communication at the University of Ottawa Luc Dupont has made a list of the best advertisements of the holiday season and discusses it with TVA Nouvelles.

Here are the Quebec businesses that have been selected.

The ad is touching and appeals to the nostalgia of Quebecers. Year after year, Loulou brings to the holidays his famous meatloaf, which no one really likes, in dishes that every household has already possessed.

One day, Loulou is no longer there, but the family still organizes to have the famous meatloaf at their table.

How many very Quebec expressions mentioning food do you know? The editors of this ad seemed to challenge themselves to include as many as possible in 60 seconds.

A very original concept that makes you laugh.

The reputation of milk family pubs is well established. Over the years, these advertisements have made their mark on Quebec culture.

In recent years, children have been the stars of these ads.

Professor Luc Dupont was particularly fond of the butter commercial, in which children conceal butter at Christmas dinner because they don’t like margarine.

If it is not a Quebec company, Amazon’s advertising is enough to make you shed a little tear and deserves a mention.

It contains no dialogue, only touching music that highlights the beautiful gesture that the father is making to brighten up his child’s Christmas.

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