Here it all begins: A key actor suddenly leaves the series for a very mysterious project…

Here it all begins: A key actor suddenly leaves the series for a very mysterious project…

This is news that is likely to upset fans of the series a lot. Here it all starts. Indeed, in the columns of the magazine TV Star published this Monday, December 26, 2022, Mikaël Mittelstadt announced that he would leave the famous program very soon, after two and a half years taking on the role of Greg Delobel. As his character prepares to fly to Tokyo to take over from his father, the young actor has planned to travel across the Atlantic to pursue other projects.

Still active since he worked as an actor, Mikaël Mittelstadt now wants to take off. Its main mission? Get some fresh air, refocus on yourself and live new experiences abroad. “Daily life takes a lot of time and energy. I didn’t take a moment to breathe, because I love this job. But there, I needed a little break to devote myself to other projects. I wanted to give myself the possibility of going on a project abroad, temporarily“, he explained with mystery to our colleagues from Star TV.

A “top secret” project

Asked about the nature of this other project, Mikaël Mittelstadt did not wish to reveal more. “It’s top-secret! I can only say that I’m going back to my New York tracks“. Indeed, some people are probably unaware that the young man studied comedy at the New School of Drama in New York. For him, this trip will therefore be just a simple return to his roots.

But then, since his character, Greg Delobel, does not really die in the series, could Mikaël Mittelstadt one day return to the cast? The actor does not close the door to this idea. “I’m not far, I’m sticking around. Greg does not die! This is daily life. Characters arrive, leave. We don’t know when they’ll be back…“, he dropped to conclude. A statement that should reassure viewers and give them some comfort after this unexpected announcement.

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