Here’s why Skyrock refused a second Planet Rap to PNL

Here’s why Skyrock refused a second Planet Rap to PNL

Right now, the QLF are asking a lot of questions about the return of PNLbut today is a look in the rear view mirror offered by Fred Musa. The host of the cult show Planet Rap indeed came back in his book on the arrival of the two brothers on the airwaves of Skyrock

“Another week with other sets”

Indeed, in 2015, the Planet Rap of the two brothers had been exceptional. We recall that it was the first time that this program took place without the artists. The duo had then decided to set up a particular setting – a jungle – and tosend a monkey to accompany Fred Musa for the exit of the project the boy of the world.

It is by asking for these precise and quite original criteria that the two brothers helped to develop the format Planet Rapbecause as Fred points out, the concept of the sets was then taken up several times, for many other artists. But what interests us above all is the refusal of the radio Skyrock to redo a PPlanet Rapon the occasion of the release of the duo’s second album: in the legende.

In his book My Rap PlanetFred Musa explains that PNL wanted to make a Planet Rap for the arrival of his second album. A program refused by the radio, because even if ” other decors were planned by Ademo and NOS, it would have been a question of a “ repeat ” to pay Skyrockk.

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