his alleged murderer arrested!

his alleged murderer arrested!

Houston police have arrested the man suspected of Takeoff’s murder.

He was about to flee.

New development in Takeoff’s Murder. Houston police have arrested a man they accuse of having killed the Migos rapper. According KHU11the Houston Police Department announced Friday, Dec. 2, that Patrick Xavier Clark — apparently known as DJ Pat — was apprehended in the city’s east end and charged with the murder of Takeoff. Information confirmed by the chief of police of Houston during a press conference.

“We promised to take into custody the individual responsible for Takeoff’s murder. Last night we arrested 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Brown and he was charged with Takeoff’s murder.”

Another police officer, Sergeant Michael Burrow added:

“I can tell you Takeoff was not involved in the dice game, he was not involved in the argument that happened outside, he was unarmed, he was an innocent bystander .”

Patrick Clark, the man accused of killing Takeoff, was reportedly planning to flee the country when he was arrested on Thursday December 1. According TMZthe Houston prosecutor said Clark applied for an expedited passport after Takeoff’s murder and submitted an itinerary for a trip to Mexico. When the police apprehended Clark, he allegedly received the passport and also had a large sum of cash with him.

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