his ex Julia Fox drops the files

his ex Julia Fox drops the files

She will have shared the life of Kanye West a few weeks, a little earlier in the year. a little bitter, Julia Fox did not fail to drop files on the rapper.

Julia Fox gets loose

Seen as part of the KNWLS campaign recently, Julia Fox begins its comeback on the front of the stage. Having benefited from a sustained promotion a little earlier in the year, during her love affair with Kanye West, the young woman is now determined to wash her dirty laundry in public. In a video posted on TikTok, the actress reacted to strong criticism, accusing her of being “date with a notorious violent misogynist and anti-Semite”.

Virulent remarks, forcing him to formulate an answer, and to cover up in stride, even if it means scratching Ye : “First of all, he was normal when he was with me. And not only that, but the Kardashians, when I had a clothing line 10 years ago, bought our clothes and sold them in their stores. So I always had, like, love for Kim, mostly. Especially Kourtney. All three, in fact. […] So by the time he and I got together, he hadn’t done all of those things yet. […] The only thing he did was change a name in a song and say “Come back to me, Kimberly.” »

Convinced of being able to act and divert West’s attention from Kim Kardashian, Fox will eventually give up, once the rapper has focused on social networks, before arriving at the slippages the world has witnessed: “It was like, ‘Man, I’m not going to stay if there’s all this bullshit around.’ »

She will even realize ” fast enough “ that Ye was not going to accept his help: “I thought I wanted to help him. It might sound silly, as silly as when you say I should have done something to stop him. […] But I don’t want to criticize those moments with him. I don’t want to reduce his career to its really complicated moments. I stand with the Jewish community. And that’s all. »

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