his family between full war against a famous French rapper

his family between full war against a famous French rapper

In 2018, Charles Aznavour died at the age of 94. During his long career which started in the 1940s, the singer recorded nearly one thousand two hundred songs performed in several languages, namely French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Armenian , Neapolitan or Russian. What make him one of the most popular French singers in the world.

Five years after the death of the singer, now his name is back in the news, especially because his family is currently fighting against a famous rapper. In his album “Liens du 100” released in 2022, the rapper SDM signs the song “Hier encore” in which he winks at the song of the same name by Charles Aznavour. Did SDM forget to ask permission to use the lyrics of the song before making a revisited cover? Everything suggests that yes since the song by Charles Aznavour attempted an action to have this title removed from the charts.

This Tuesday evening, January 3, 2023, the rapper thus made a sad announcement on Twitter: “Yesterday again” has been deleted from the album, because MR. Aznavour’s family had it removed. Rest in peace, he is an incredible artist who I will continue to inspire. Without resentment & Peace on the family, we continue to move forward. 100 LINKS ALWAYS AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE!!”.

Something to make the rapper’s fans react: “But it’s crazy ??? OK we respect the artist he was but it has no relation except that the music is called yesterday again it’s serious”, “Ollalalla but not j I liked this song. The question that I ask myself is that you asked the agreement of the family to put an extract of his voice in the song ? Maybe if it hasn’t been done and they haven’t approved. It’s a shame…”, “They removed it just for the “yesterday again I was 20 years old” ???”, “Ptdrr are they serious?? It has nothing to do with the original they smoked them, only yesterday I was 20 years old is a registered sentence? No”, “Nah if it’s for one sentence it’s too serious, Bigflo and Oli who takes up “I’m talking to you about a time that people under 20 can’t know” it doesn’t bother”.


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