his little Nina has grown up!

his little Nina has grown up!

The mom unveiled a nice photo.

Lorie Pester became, a little in spite of herself, an icon in 2020. She who fought against endometriosis (an extremely painful gynecological disease) for years, has become first-time mom to a baby girl named Nina. This little Nina is two years old now, and her mom has been a little more discreet since she inherited her new role, focusing on her little bundle of joy. A little piece of cabbage that is already growing so fast…

This is what we saw in the photograph shared by Lori in story, on his Instagram account, yesterday. Little Nina even makes him see all the colors already, she who has obviously desire to discover the world, since we see her standing on her seat in the train. In the caption, we can read “I love waking up at 5:30 a.m. to catch the 7 a.m. train!”which tells us that the singer must not have slept much during the night. But little Nina is obviously in great shape and not at all bothered by the schedule!

We also take advantage of this to observe thatin addition to having grown up well, the young Nina has beautiful blonde curls, a bit like her mother before her. We wish them a good trip by train, and we hope that mom Lorie will not suffer too much while educating her daughter, who has shatters all the “educational principles” imagined by his motheras she said herself. “Here, we are all the same parents. We have principles before having children and then, the principles, they go out the window”said Lorie a few weeks ago. Of course, she was right!

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