his mother “had had an abortion”, the musician looks back on his birth…

his mother “had had an abortion”, the musician looks back on his birth…

In an interview with our colleagues from “Figaro”, Marc Cerrone confides in the story of his birth. The composer and musician reveals that he should never have been born… But, today, what becomes of Cerrone?

Also known as the founding father of disco, Marc Cerron has more than fifty years of career, has sold more than 30 million albums and it does not stop there. Today, Cerrone is 70 years old and the musician is back in stores. However, the beginning of his life did not destine him to such success. In an interview with our colleagues from Figaro published on November 29, 2022, the artist delivers heartbreaking secrets about his birth.

Cerrone almost never saw the light of day: his mother Liliane had an abortion

The artist has a full and happy life. He has a career considerable, he has been married for more than thirty years with Jill Cerrone and has four children. But he shouldn’t have had all that, as he explains to our colleagues from Figaro: Marc Cerrone should not have been born. “In fact, my mother always told me that I should not be born“, he says. The reason is simple: She had an abortion, but I came anyway! He concludes this story by adding: “For a drummer, I was already a fighter!

A trait of character, a rage for life, an energy that he kept throughout his youth and then his career. In that same interview, he reveals:I’m a busy person. When I was little, I typed everywhere, I was turbulent. My father was a shoemaker, my mother took care of us. They were modest, hard-working Italian immigrants who lived in the suburbs of Paris.“. In order to channel all this dynamism, his parents found a solution, which subsequently created a vocation: I was offered a batterye”. And why not another instrument, Marc Cerrone naturally justifies it: “A guitar ? I would have broken it!

What becomes of Cerrone?

During his long career, the composer and musician has tried many things. Now, on the very good advice of his children, Marc Cerrone has become a DJ. He entrusts to Figaro : “It’s a new youth for me! Thanks to technologies, I can take all my old creations and reinvent them. That’s what I did with my album! What a story, I redo tours where I am by far the oldest in the room!“Indeed, the musician released a new disc entitled Cerrone by Cerrone. And album with covers of what he considers to be his best songs, released in October 2022.

Thanks to all his accomplishments, the artist does not fear the passage of time but regrets one thing: Life is unfair… the more the years pass, the more it stops! I’m not afraid of death, but it sucks, I don’t want it to end!“…

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