his murderous response to Roselyne Bachelot

his murderous response to Roselyne Bachelot

War seems to be declared between Roselyne Bachelot and Benjamin Biolay. In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit France, the singer strongly criticized the management of the cultural world and did not hesitate to point the finger at the Minister of Culture, especially during music victories. On European 1he then explained that the artists were “with dry bread“for more than a hundred days. Words that had not really pleased the main interested party.

Thursday January 5, Roselyne Bachelot unveiled her book 682 days (Plon editions), recounting his passage Rue de Valois. Inside, the one who has become a member of the Big heads a defended his record and did not hesitate to settle accounts with the artists. If, for example, she mentioned Clara Luciani, she also replied to Benjamin Biolay. The 76-year-old woman has describes the singer as being one ofhottest artists” with “a well-buttered toast and on both sides“.

Benjamin Biolay attacks “the dignity” of Roselyne Bachelot

Invited the same day on RTLthe former minister visibly overwhelmed by Benjamin Biolay continued to take it down. “The hypocrisy of thanking me backstage and attacking me on stage, I found it hard” she launched. Words that were probably heard by the interpreter of Give back the lovewho immediately responded to him on Instagram.

On the social network, Benjamin Biolay (…)


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