his secrets about the absence of Adriana Karembeu, replaced by Léa Salamé, in his next show

his secrets about the absence of Adriana Karembeu, replaced by Léa Salamé, in his next show

Michel Cymes reveals why Adriana Karembeu will not co-present the evening with him Health in France: a state of emergency?next Tuesday, January 31, on France 2.

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Michel Cymes is unfaithful to Adriana Karembeu! Next Tuesday, January 31, the most famous doctor in the audiovisual landscape returns to prime-time, on France 2, for a great evening entitled Health in France: a state of emergency? A documentary devoted to the situation of the medical community in the country, followed by a debate, which he will present as a duo… But it is an unprecedented tandem that viewers will discover, because he will be alongside Lea Salame. A surprise because we more often have the opportunity to see him share the screen with the former model, in The extraordinary powers of the human body.

Why will Adriana Karembeu not present the show with Michel Cymes?

A few months ago, Michael Cymes and Adriana Karembeu were trying to break through the mysteries of our brain and power of the mind. So what happened? Questioned by our colleagues from TV 7 Daysthis week, the famous doctor prefers first of all to reassure: “There is no problem with Adriana“, before explaining the reason why he changes, exceptionally, partner: “But as we will be welcoming politicians live, Léa is ultra-competent in the matter.“, he (logically) justified the presence of the France Inter interviewer. The 65-year-old former ENT should therefore find his usual co-presenter in future issues of their show.

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Michel Cymes collects duets!

Over the years, viewers have been able to find Michel Cymes at the head of different programs but very often as a duo. It is moreover by sharing the antenna of the health magazine with Marina Carrere d’Encausse that he became famous. A tandem that worked perfectly, especially because the two had known each other for a long time: “We were friends from the start because we met before doing television together and we had a real friendly crush. We have always been extremely good friends. Our children have known each other since they were toddlers. We’ve both been through tough times and we’ve supported each other for 30 years with that.“, had explained the presenter of France 5, in At Jordan’s.

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