his sister gives an explanation of this accident

his sister gives an explanation of this accident

Celine Dion sick and “surrounded by experts”: her sister gives an explanation for this accident

Information has been gathering since the announcement of Celine Dion’s illness last December. Today, it is his sister Claudette who talks about this topic in the “Journal de MontrĂ©al”.

Fans around the world greeted the news on December 8 with astonishment and horror. In the video, the Canadian singer Celine Dion, a real star with tens of millions of albums sold abroad, announced that she was suffering from a rigid male disease. A disease that, as the name suggests, causes muscle stiffness and especially affects his vocal cords. This pathology called into question his plans for the tour, as well as the end of his career – which began at the dawn of the eighties – as a whole.

Since this post on social networks, Celine Dion has remained silent on this topic. Today, it is one of her sisters (among the siblings of 14 children), Claudette Dion, who breaks the news about the 54-year-old Canadian artist. In an interview given to Montreal Journalolder sisters interpret To love me again thus lifting the veil on the conditions in which Celine Dion currently lives.

That’s how she explains that the singer is “surrounded by experts” in Denver, Colorado across the Atlantic.”I didn’t want to participate in online ‘bawling’. I had a lot of calls but I hung up because it was hard to talk about it“, explains his initial reluctance to talk about his sister’s health.

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