Hoshi makes terrible confidences about his illness

Hoshi makes terrible confidences about his illness

In an interview with Gala, the singer Hoshi talks about some of her problems and in particular this disease that she was recently diagnosed with and which could well force her to stop playing music…

Within a few years, Hoshi has established itself as a safe bet in French song and at only 25 years old, she is already one of the most popular artists in France, but for how long? Discovered in 2018 with his sublime tube Your sailorthe young woman from Versailles has made a sensational entry into the French-speaking musical landscape and has a large community of fans behind her. Despite all her successes and several Victoires de la musique to her name, it could well be that everything stops sooner than expected for her.

Since she was 6 years old, Hoshi has hearing loss. and during his first tour on stage, the diagnosis fell, the artist suffers from Menière’s disease. This disorder linked to a dysfunction of the pressure balance of the liquids of the inner ear could well be right for the dreams of the young singer. Aware that she lives from her passion with this sword of Damocles above her head, she wants to record as many songs as possible while she is still able. “That’s why I don’t want to take a breakcontrary to my manager’s recommendations. There’s a bit of this urgency, because I don’t know how long I can continue to defend my songs on stage.”she says in an interview for Gala.

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VIDEO – “Until when? I don’t know”: Hoshi wonders about the end of his career

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