Household scenes: a figure from the M6 ​​soap opera is dead

Household scenes: a figure from the M6 ​​soap opera is dead

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The “Household Scenes” teams are in mourning. Actress Andrée Damant has died aged 93. In television and cinema, she had a rich career.

Tata Odette will no longer call José a “moron”. The actress who played this role, Andrée Damant, died at the age of 93. She died in a Paris hospital. André Damant embodied for several years the mischievous and piquant Tata Odette with his southern accent.

But his career did not stop at this role, far from it. The actress had a rich film career: “The Glory of My Father” in 1989, “The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain” in 2000 or “Don’t Tell Anyone” in 2005. Her name also appeared in the credits of several TV series such as “Serge the mytho”, “The day when everything changed” or “Plus belle la vie” where she played Julienne Vidal in 2010. Advertising had also called on her.

Actor Frédéric Bouraly, who plays José in “Household Scenes” paid tribute to him on Twitter. “I kiss you one last time Tata Odette”.

I had never been so affectionately treated as “crrrréééétin”…
I kiss you one last time Tata Odette? #AndréeDamant

— Dare Jose (@OsezJose) December 8, 2022

The columnist Henry-Jean Servat pays tribute in the Parisian to “an exquisite, delicious, tasty actress”.

André Damant was from Avignon where he came back from time to time to see his sister. His funeral will be celebrated on Tuesday December 13 in Villetaneuse in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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