How many video streaming services do you subscribe to?

How many video streaming services do you subscribe to?

Paramount+ has just been launched in France. A plus sVoD service that adds to the already long list of potential subscriptions. And you, how many platforms do you subscribe to? Tell us in our poll of the week.

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In 2019, you were an overwhelming majority to want to keep onlya single sVoD service. Since then, times have changed and many are those in the newsroom to subscribe to several video streaming platforms at a time.

Containment went through it, as well as the multiplication of actors. In the French landscape, you can technically subscribe to ten services: netflix, Disney+, Canal+Molotov, YouTube Premium, Apple TV+, Salto, Amazon Prime Video, OCS… and now Paramount+.

Faced with this tidal wave, we generally distinguish three types of behavior: the most total abstinence, which consists in not subscribing to anything to avoid having “a thread in the leg”, those who sail from one service to another, unsubscribing according to outings and their desire to discover new shores. And then there are those who believed it was a game of Pokémon Purple or Scarlet, and who inevitably subscribe to all the services that pass.

How many video streaming services do you subscribe to?

Faced with the increase in the number of players on the sVoD market, we said to ourselves that it was high time to reassess where you are.


How many video streaming services do you subscribe to?

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Do not hesitate to send us your comments, tell us which sVoD services you prefer or any other comment that could explain your choice. If the comments are numerous, we will offer you an anthology of the most interesting comments at the same time as the result of this survey, at the end of next week.

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