How to pay less for your TV and internet subscription?

How to pay less for your TV and internet subscription?

In 2024, the social telecom tariff will change and disadvantaged households will be able to benefit from an Internet and television connection at a capped price of 40 euros per month. There are already ways to find better. Caroline Sury, journalist at The Echoexplains to you how in the 6/8.

Scarlet already offers television, internet and landline telephony for 40 euros per month. But recently, Proximus announced to increase its prices. Gold Scarlet belongs to Proximus, and its offer will pass from 40 to 42 euros from January 1, 2023.

Tadaaman operator that belongs to Télénet and operates via the mobile network (4G and 5G), also offers 40 euro for an internet connection and television.

But if Internet TV doesn’t scare you, you can pay less than 40 euros per month. The Telesat app allows you to have the main French-speaking channels for 10 euros per month. For this you obviously need an internet connection, and there are several available on the market for less than 30 euros per month.

Which, combined with the Télésat subscription, gives less than 40 euros:

  • scarlet: 50 GB of internet for 23 euros per month, so a total of 33 euros.
  • proximity: 100 GB of internet for 25 euros per month, so a total of 35 euros.
  • edpnet: unlimited internet for 26 euros per month, so a total of 36 euros.
  • If you are one of those entitled to the social rate : Telenet offers a subscription of 150 GB for 10 euros per month, so a total of 20 euros.

Attention : those who can benefit from the social tariff must still apply for it, it will only become automatic from 2024.

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