how to prepare well for metaverse and Web3?

how to prepare well for metaverse and Web3?

Web3 and the metaverse have been on everyone’s lips for some time now. So what exactly is it? How will these innovations revolutionize our daily lives? How to prepare for it? In its latest white paper, Ad4Screen, a 100% Cross Device Media and Marketing agency, answers any questions you may have about these technologies that are disrupting all industries. The aim is to help you gain an overview of how they work, their uses and benefits.


Take advantage of Web3 opportunities

Web3 refers to the third generation of the Internet. This entire modern ecosystem is based on immersion and decentralization of data. This new operation offers Internet users more security regarding their personal information.

In the same category

Internet applications and services are also decentralized. This implies that Web3 would not be controlled by a central authority, but by its users.

Several technologies are shaping what makes up this third iteration of the web, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or blockchain. From the latter, Internet users can become owners, especially of cryptocurrencies. Anonymity is also better preserved on decentralized platforms, as the digital wallet number is the only information transmitted.

One of the goals of decentralization is to avoid breakdowns. Indeed, these systems are based on many different and autonomous components. Therefore, they are less likely to fail by accident. The advantage is that they are more resistant to attacks, because they do not have a single point of failure. They are also crash resistant.

Although decentralization has multiple advantages, it also carries certain risks. In your white paper, Ad4Screen illustrates them through an easy-to-understand diagram. Of course, there are already initiatives to solve this.


Metaverse: A Field of Possibilities

“Metaverse” is not a new term. He was born in 1990 with science fiction. Specifically, it is about the meeting of the real and virtual worlds.

It is a virtual and space universe where users can interact with other individuals and the environment around them. They have the opportunity to play, work, build buildings, attend concerts, hang out…

With this innovation, data, content and digital assets will work together. Every person will be able to create, own, invest, sell, produce value recognized by others, anywhere. Then we are talking about a fully functional economy. All users will thus have a completely autonomous ability to act.

This implies major changes in our way of life and in many industries, such as video games or luxury. For brands, a metaverse like Web3 offers more marketing opportunities, to which Ad4Screen returns. Companies can market new products there and create their own space to increase visibility. Metaverse is also useful for providing enriched experiences to its customers, based on immersion and exclusivity. This is an important point for attracting a younger audience.

Carrefour, Orange, Gucci… Many companies have already launched into the metaverse and Web3. Therefore, it is the ideal time to take the plunge and take a step ahead of your competitors. Succeed, Ad4Screen white paper turns out to be essential.


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