“I am no longer in his life”: Omar Sy recounts the distance that has settled with Fred Testot

“I am no longer in his life”: Omar Sy recounts the distance that has settled with Fred Testot

“Omar is my soul mate, my friend, my brother. With the “after-sales service” and our other adventures, we spent half our lives together. We got married! Each is proud of what happens to the other”. This was explained Fred Testot in 2013 to our newspaper. The ace ! Ten years later, Omar Sy made another confession, that of a distance that has settled between the two comedians, each leading a career as an actor.

Guest of the YouTube channel Oui Hustle for the promotion of his film “Les Tirailleurs”released on January 4 at the cinema, Omar Sy was questioned about his relationship with his former sidekick from the After-Sales Service for emissions, broadcast on Canal + from 2005 to 2012.

Without the language of wood which animates most of the time the circles of the show, the actor answered very directly: “Nothing is happening. I can’t tell you better, nothing is happening. “Time has eroded things. I went to the United States for a year. We went from a moment when we saw each other every day, because we worked together, because it was my partner, we wrote, we toured, we edited together. We were together every day. When I left for the United States, we spent a year without seeing each other (…) Life made it gradually crumble”.

The full program (at 49 minutes, Omar Sy’s response to Fred Testot)

Worse, the “change of status of one and the other made that time wore us out a little, this distance got the better of us”, added Sy, without specifying his thoughts.

Related by work? Not only. “There is always love even for him, because what I experienced with him, I only experienced it with him. It places him in a special place in my heart and in my life. I learned a lot with him. I may find him again, God knows, but today, nothing is happening. I am no longer in his life, he is no longer in mine”.

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