“I am quite serene”: Jean-Luc Reichmann breaks the silence and responds to Paul El Kharrat

“I am quite serene”: Jean-Luc Reichmann breaks the silence and responds to Paul El Kharrat

Criticized by Paul El Kharrat, with whom he no longer has any contact, Jean-Luc Reichmann replied to the former champion of 12 strokes of noon in the columns of Telemag. And the host of TF1 did not want to expand on a subject that does not really seem to bother him.

They were best friends during the lunch break, they now have a separate table. With 153 participations and 691,522 euros in prize winnings, Paul El Kharrat has long invited himself to Jean-Luc Reichmann in The 12 strokes of noon until it becomes part of the family decor. But the champion dethroned from first place in the ranking by Brunofound another refuge on RTL where Laurent Ruquier welcomed him as a member of Big heads.

And since, the eternal celibate would have a tendency to spit in the soup, even if he denies it. “Why would I be friends with Jean-Luc Reichmann? We haven’t spoken to each other for almost a year for all sorts of reasons that I won’t reveal.. I have no direct or privileged contact with this man.“, he had swung, before moderate his remarks a few days later. “I am not ungratefulI do not question the work I did in the game of TF1, and that is thanks to that that I was known.

“We will talk about it when necessary”

This sudden animosity had not resonated with the host, more concerned about the disputed rise of Stéphane than the fate of his former crack. But this December 13, the fervent supporter of the Blues (and Morocco) came out of silence to comment on this story. “With the year that I have just spent, I feel very good in my head and in my entourage. This is the main”, he first indicated to our colleagues from Telemag. Before dropping a small cartridge about the one who no longer wishes to return to his set: “The Paul phenomenon, we will talk about it when necessary. For the moment, I am quite calm on this subject.“. A desire to calm the debates but not to close them completely.

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